SIRS (Stock Imbedded Rail System) Mount.

The SIRS Night Vision accessory rail came about because a young U.S. Marine sergeant at Camp Lejune requested it.


It’s an alternative to our popular MIRS tactical scope mount, and like the MIRS it is used to mount night vision or other attachments in front of a scope. Efficient, lightweight, solid and good looking, the SIRS is hard to beat. Machined from a solid billet of 7075 T6511 heat-treated aluminum and then finished with hard anodic coating, 8625, class II type III, anodized black.

Installation requires a pocket to be machined into the fore-end of the stock. The lower half is epoxied into this cutout, so when the top half is installed the barrel passes through allowing it to free float.

Our SIRS night vision mount has additional rails that bolt onto the right and left sides to accommodate laser or tactical lighting systems. Mounts of this type allow the shooter to tailor the weight bias forward for his or her desired shooting style.

The m1913 Picatinny rail dimensions are standard, and accept various rings or throw lever attachment devices.