Forward Device Mount for the Blaser Rifle FamilyThe LRS2 and R93 Models

The Miami Police Department requested Night Vision Device mounts for their Blaser rifles. They understood that attaching such devices directly to the action of these rifles would be a very bad idea…so they came to us for a solution.

1096There are other solutions, but they all put undue stress on the only two notches in the action and they hang the Night Vision device in an upside-down position; leaving the controls on the wrong side of the device. That is “just wrong!”

It took a few weeks of testing, but we came up with the perfect solution. Our mount bolts to the inside of the stock and is held in place with three screws. The stock ends up “sandwiched” between the stock’s lower accessory rail and the mount (hardened 7075 T6511); which is nearly 3/16 of an inch thick.

A removable side accessory rail (seen in the above photo) comes with the mount for lights or lasers. The mount is quick and easy to install with everyday tools; no gunsmithing is necessary. The rifle barrel is untouched by the mount, so it does not affect accuracy in any way, and the mount is absolutely secure when installed properly.

1097You don’t have to buy new rings, don’t have to install rings, and you don’t have to remove, reinstall, and re-zero the scope.

Needless to say the Law Enforcement folks in Miami were greatly pleased. We received their “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” after complete testing and field use and have been manufacturing this mount ever since.