Remington 700 Scope Base

Available in either Long and Short Action

This is without question the world’s finest scope mounting base for the Remington 700. Our mount is available in both long and short action. The mount is a standard tactical picatinny rail with a 20 Minute of Angle slope to make certain your rifle can reach out that extra distance and say “howdy.”

Machined from solid, cold formed, key stock steel, these are the toughest mounts around. And they are machined on all sides… absolutely no casting allowed here!

After machining and going through initial deburring they are inspected for warping and then put through a final straightening in a hydraulic press. After passing a second inspection and secondary hand deburring the mounts are vibratory deburred for the third time, sand blasted, and then parkerized. They then receive a final inspection for fit and finish.

Our bases feature a wide loading port, to ease both loading and ejection, and are low profile to improve cheek-to-stock weld for better accuracy.

Many companies make bases… we make them well! They tell you they make the best base… we tell you why ours is the best.

Here are the reasons we make this base out of cold formed steel:

  1. You don’t need to pay extra for heat treatment or heat treatable alloy on a part that has no need for it… it’s a non-moving part.
  2. Cold formed steel is maleable enough that nearly zero stress is put into the rifle when the base is tightened to the rifle (a little detail the other guys don’t warn you about).
  3. Because the base is maleable it conforms to the radius of the rifle action and forms a more solid surface seating.
  4. Great looking…and the performance is proven to be excellent.

So spend a little and get a lot for your money. Our base provides the perfect mount for adding an optic on your trusty 700. It will be a decision you will never regret.