1085 We are proud to introduce our MOMS Mount and want to thank Leupold and Optical Systems Technology for all their help in perfecting this design! The MOMS has turned out to be our hottest selling scope mount in 2010. MOMS was designed for the needs of special observation groups. It allows the spotter and shooter to view the same target simultaneously. This mount is specifically designed for the Leupold Spotting scope and Optical Systems Technology night vision. It is machine cut from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum resulting in light weight, but very high strength, construction. There are two wings mounted, left and right, for accessories such as lights or laser rangefinders. The MOMS can be fitted to window mounts or tripods. There are no tools required and your MOMS mount comes ready to go to work. 1084Leupold makes digital camera adapters available turning your MOMS mount into the perfect surveillance tool, and police departments all over the country are loving their MOMS mounts and making second and third orders as they discover how truly versatile and useful these mounts can be. Get some MOMS for your teams today…everyone needs their MOMS.