McCann Industries MIRS mounts

Why do you need this device?

The MIRS mount (McCann Industries Integrated Rail System) was initially built to attach devices in front of, and to the side of, the scope on the Army’s M24 sniper rifle. It is now specifically manufactured to fit most of the precision tactical rifles in service including:

The M24 Sniper Rifle, the M40 Sniper Rifle, Mod 70 Winchester long and short action, Accuracy International AW, Accuracy International AE, Blaser 1, Blaser 2, FNH Special Police Rifle, 700 Remington long and short actions, (in either right and left hand), SAKO TRG, Savage M-10 short action, Savage M-110 long action, and Sig 3000, Kimber 84 and 8400, Prairie Gunworks, Winchester short action, and the Steyr Mannlicher SSG-69.

With the growing popularity of .50 caliber sniper systems, the MIRS is now specially custom manufactured for the McMillan Tac50, in both right and left hand models, and the Armalite A-50A1.

We can make our world famous MIRS mount to fit almost any rifle. If yours is not listed, call us directly and we will make arrangements to add your rifle to our MIRS lineup.

Ask about Minute of Angle: some of our MIRS mounts are available in a variety of MOA to best suit your long-distance shooting needs.

The McCann Industries MIRS mount starts life as a 14.5 lbs. block of 7075T6511 aircraft grade aluminum bar. It measures 2x3x14.5 inches. When machining has been completed the weight drops to 14.5 ounces, removing nearly 94% of the original material. This is not the cheapest way to make a mount…but it is the only way. Your optics must never wander from zero due to movement or vibration in the mount. There are no moving parts in the MIRS, no cast parts, and no adjustable or detachable parts…this is a rock-solid mount for precision shooters.

After all machining is completed, a careful debur and vibratory tumbling is done to ensure a smooth and snag-free surface. The mount is hard coat anodized to mil spec 8625 class II type III. We offer them in three colors: Black, black and black…did we mention Black? All dimensions have been proven to work with all known ring sets of the weaver or mil spec type.

Shipping price is for continental US only. International orders may require State Department Clearance and may require your organization to have access to an import license or licensee.

The mount has been tested with two axis accelerometers, on two occasions, by two independent testing firms to confirm there are no harmonics that might be potentially harmful or damaging to optics.

Many thousands of rounds of ammunition have been fired through rifles with the MIRS/M24 mount attached. Many of these rifles come pre-drilled for our standard 6-48 screw set up. However, it is our strong recommendation that you ask us for the upgrade to 8-40 size screws (there is no charge for this upgrade), but you must first be certain you have the capability to drill and tap your rifles for that screw size. (Remington rifles come from the factory predrilled for 6-48). When you do not upgrade, we will not warranty the MIRS due to the extreme recoils involved with some of the modern tactical rifles combined with the weights and sizes of some of the modern scopes and the newer, heavier, night vision devices.

Our MIRS mount, and our M-14 mount, are in use by many in the special operations community, including Special Forces, Rangers, Navy Seals, the F.B.I. and more.

Note:It has recently come to our attention that some of our customers are not reading and understanding the supplied instruction sheet before installing their MIRS mounts. We hope you are not one of those customers. Below are common mistakes made in the process along with their remedies.

  1. Customer not reading instruction sheet completely.
  2. Customer not understanding instruction sheet completely.
  3. Customer not following instructions completely.
  4. Customer not checking to see if fasteners are tight.
  5. Trying to mount to a non-factory or non-stock barrel or action.
  6. Fasteners not checked properly:
    A. Tighten screw #5 without loctite. If you feel any movement in base, screw is not tight.
    B. Remove screw #5 and set aside. Tighten screw # 4 without loctite. If you feel any movement in base, screw is not tight.
    C. Remove screw # 4 and set aside. Tighten screw # 3 without loctite. If you feel any movement in base screw is not tight.
    D. Remove screw # 3 and set aside. Tighten screw # 2 without loctite. If you feel any movement in base screw is not tight.
    E. Remove screw # 2 and set aside. Tighten screw # 1 without loctite. If you feel any movement in base screw is not tight.
    F. Remove screw # 1 and set aside.
  7. Remedies for movement in base:
    A. Screws too long: DO NOT SHORTEN SCREWS…holes in the receiver may not be tapped to proper depth. Shortening screws can weaken the system.
    B. Holes in receiver not tapped to proper depth:  Acquire proper Bottoming tap (either 6-48 or 8-40 threads). No other tap is suitable.
    C. Screws too long #2: There may also be contaminants in bottom of threads. Clean out the threads with the correct plug tap.
    D. Burred/worn/stripped threads: Tap to next larger thread and replace fasteners, but counter bores and holes in mount must be modified accordingly.