McCann Industries MIRS mounts for Big Bore Rifles

384Some years back we were asked whether our mounts could stand up to the recoil forces encountered when scopes and night vision devices were attached to the truly big bore military rifles…specifically those firing the .338 Lapua and the .50 Caliber Browning cartridge. (The .338 Lapua by McMillan is pictured at the top of the page with our mount. The photos below are of the McMillan TAC-50 with our MC-50 Mount.)The forces involved are, to put it lightly, substantial; especially when coupled with being loaded and unloaded off of vehicles and aircraft, rough field handling, and the abuse a heavy rifle and its attachments can go through in a combat zone.

Our research and development team thickened and strengthed our existing MIRS design until it could more than handle the stresses we knew would be an inevitable result of battlefield use. The resulting line of mounts has served well for years in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as with law enforcement in the US and in peace-keeping actions around the globe.

But the times they are a’changing…

Larger optics and imaging devices, such as the Magnum Universal Night Sight (the MUNS…weighing over 3 pounds) create greater “whiplash” and stress on mounts and attachments. The cartridges themselves are getting “hotter” and the rifles are becoming more numerous and therefore more commonly placed in abusive environments. Attachment points are necessary for vital new battlefield tools (the STORM for example) and more flexibility is therefore required even as mounts will need to be stronger and more durable while remaining light in weight.

1137An example of our design upgrades has been in the use of “full gussets” for mounts facing heavy calibers and heavier attachments. In this photo below one can clearly see how the side gussets change the appearance of the mount.

What is more difficult to see is the effect on strength. The wedge shaped gussets more than double the ability of the mount to stand up to the stresses involved, while adding only 4 ounces in weight to the mount.