MAS Mount

Our MAS Scope Mount is made of 6061 T6511 Aircraft Quality High Tensile Aluminum, and is Parkerized / Anodized in MIL-A-8625 Type II, Class III.

The mount starts life as a solid block weighing 54oz. This weight is reduced to 5.5oz. That is a decrease of 90%. This is not the least expensive way to build the part…but it is the best!

All surfaces are machined on state of the art “computer numerically controlled” machining centers in order to produce both a beautiful finish and for exacting dimensional tolerance. Once the machining is complete each part is trial fit to a MAS receiver.

When it passes the inspection process, the next stop is a total ultrasonic debur. This removes all sharp edges giving a .005 to .010 radius to the rail.

Next we apply a protective coating of mill spec/black anodizing producing a beautiful satin finish.

This mount is built for shooters by shooters. As with all McCann Industries products; form, fit and function are guaranteed .

Warning: The standard MAS stock is not famous for its “cheek to stock weld” and any time you place an optic above the iron sights, this “weld” will be somewhat worsened. The height of the scope itself will require the shooter to have a higher “sight line.” Some re-built MAS rifles have modified stocks to address this issue, but many shooters find cheek pads or other stock modifications necessary.