The first Adjustable MOA Scope Base for your big guns

now available for the Armalite AR-50A1 and the McMillan TAC-50 precision rifles.

Folks told us they wanted an Adjustable-Minute-of-Angle (AMOA) scope mount, but don’t need to accomodate night vision gear or other electronics. They would prefer to keep it straightforward, go as light as possible, and stay within a budget.

In response we’ve just introduced our new McCann Adjustable Base (the MAB) for the Armalite and McMillan rifles, and it fills all of those needs admirably.

This is the first scope base in history with our exclusive Adjustable Minute of Angle technology (AMOA). This technology was expressly developed for big bore guns in order to solve the problem of zeroing high-power scopes over the great variation in ranges of which these rifles are capable of shooting. In minutes, the shooter can adjust the mount and scope from 15 MOA, to 30 MOA, and even to 45 MOA for those extra long shots.

Also perfect for those who wish to have more than one scope ready to go at a moment’s notice. We can supply more that one top rail for these bases as a special order.