M1A/M14 Solid Steel Scope Mount

We at McCann’s feel that we have developed the finest M1A / M-14 scope mount available. Our mounts are made in our facility from solid steel to insure 100% rigidity and repeatability. Thousands of these mounts are in use by top shooters throughout the United States.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis new mount replaces our world-reknowned MITS Mount, but unlike the MITS, these new mounts require no gunsmithing for installation. This reduces the cost of the mount by nearly two-thirds. We do recommend some drilling of the charger guide, and complete instructions and tools are included in the kit so you can do it yourself.


Solid Steel Scope Mount, Large Receiver Set Screw, New Charging Guide, Charging Guide Screw, Drill Bit, Spring Pin, spring pin extractor, 2 Allen Head Set Screws, Allen Wrench, 2 Ring Bases (weaver type), 4 small screws and a tube of Thread Locking Compound.

Why do you need this mount?

M-14 rifles have a problem common only to this rifle….5 recoil pulses

  1. Primer detonation
  2. Acceleration of bullet down bore
  3. Bolt slamming into rear of receiver
  4. Operating rod slamming into front of receiver
  5. Gas piston slamming into gas cylinder

1094In addition these forces at work:

  1. Weight of loaded cartridge slamming into chamber walls
  2. Bolt slamming into the base of the cartridge
  3. Gas piston slamming into gas nut
  4. Operating rod slamming into piston

M-14 rifles get seriously “Jack hammered” to the rear and to the front tearing at the scope mount.

The higher the scope is mounted from the center line of the bore the greater the force imparted to the scope. Furthermore, the greater the mass of the scope, mount and rings, the greater the force imparted to the mount.

Part of the solution: keep the mass/weight of the scope as low as possible…this means ring sets, scopes and mounts need to be aluminum if and where possible. Bolt guns do not have this problem as they only go Boom “once” and in just “one” direction.


  1. 1.Scopes on M-14 rifles need to be short as possible to keep the weight mounted over the center line of the mount.
  2.  Other M-14 Scope mounts that have integral rails are not adjustable for windage. If you run out of windage or elevation, no shimming or machining can be done to correct and put scope into middle of mechanical movement.
  3. We are currently the only manufacturer with a mount for these rifles capable of being adapted to misalignment of the receiver face, misalignment of mortise cuts on left side of receiver, and any possible warping of the barrel.
  4. This is the first production steel mount made exclusively for M-14. It’s the first production mount with 2 hold-down screws. It’s the first production mount with provision for windage and elevation, and the first production mount with both weaver and picatinny rails available.

A Partial List of Organizations Currently Using this Mount
West German Police Marksmanship Unit
Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, Washington
Winner of the Vandenberg Trophy at Camp Perry Ohio 1991
(Army Marksmanship Unit)
Ranger Battalion, Fort Lewis, Washington
Special Forces, Fort Lewis, Washington
United States Navy Shooting Team
Army Marksmanship Unit
Washington State Service Rifle Champions
Members of the Seattle Police Department, Washington