The Adjustable Gas System for M1 Garand Rifles

Chase Brass no More!Complete Kit…ready to install…no gunsmithing needed!No Special tools required!

Kit includes Gas Nut and Five Jets

Why do you need this device?

When Uncle Sam was buying parts for Garand rifles it didn’t matter to anyone what they cost. As a kid I can remember if you paid $65.00 for a mint Garand people snickered behind your back… boy how times have changed.  A new gas cylinder will set you back twice that now and an operating rod even more.

Originally, the old warhorse had to have a very powerful extraction and ejection cycle. Ammo could be contaminated with sand, corrosion, and soot from fires. It was imperative to yank the cartridge from the chamber. Now that the M-1 is no longer used as a battle rifle the forces applied no longer have the same relevance. Every single part that moves when the gun goes BOOM takes excessive abuse…but not with our Gas System.

A partial list of parts that can be worn or damaged include: the extractor lip, bolt lugs, bolt, receiver, the cam in the operating rod, wear plate on the operating rod, the hammer face, sear pin, trigger, operating rod spring, hammer spring, hammer spring plunger, hammer spring housing, hammer pin, and more.

The operating rod sections are basically parallel but in offset planes. Just for a moment, when the gas collides with the piston face, the rod bends/deflects slightly before it unlocks the breech. Because the piston is fixed to the rod it cants slightly. This movement turns the piston into an ellipse; meaning the piston is essentially no longer round in shape. In theory the gas blowby will suspend or hold the piston in the center of the gas cylinder. But in reality, the gas is loaded with carbon and carbon is a great abrasive.

The shooter takes less of a beating from recoil when the operating rod moves slower; as does the bolt. This is because the operating rod slams into the front of, and the bolt slams into the rear of, the receiver. The operating rod weighs 9 ounces and the bolt weighs six. Estimated speed of the bolt and rod is 400 fps…and at this speed and weight the energy delivered to the rifle is 930 ft. lbs and 1400 ft. lbs respectively.

If we drop the speed to 350 fps the energy delivered to the rifle drops to 710 ft. lbs and 1070 ft. lbs. This is quite a reduction and is well worth the purchase of our gas system. Both you and your rifle are hit with substantially less recoil…and you will be able to tell the difference.

Our gas system will also reduce the time you’ll spend retrieving brass. If you have expensive hand-tuned, carefully prepared, match brass you will greatly appreciate this feature. It’s far less likely to get lost or to be damaged. You can actually turn your rifle into a straight pull bolt action by removing the gas jet. When the jet is removed and the rifle won’t cycle….the brass stretches less, the rim takes less abuse, you can fire any bullet weight, and use any rifle powder. You will save brass and there will be no operating rod damage whatsoever.