Every McCann product is 100% Made in the USA

every material used, every screw, every fitting, everything that goes into McCann products.

This allows us unprecedented quality control over every aspect of every product. We can actually go to our supplier’s facilities to make certain their products are up to the highest standards of American craftsmanship. There are no “mystery” alloys, the strength of the screws and fittings is never in question, and we can trace backwards through the supply chain and find the cause of a problem if one ever surfaces. This is not the cheapest way to make a product today…not by a long shot. And though many competitors copy our designs, none have ever gone to the expense of using the high grade materials and manufacturing processes we use. Competing products may “look just as good”…but none dare go head-to-head in torture and abuse testing against the real thing. We still believe in the highest standards of integrity and quality workmanship; and that American products can, and should, be the best in the world.



M1 Gas System