An Important Note for our Valued Customers

Our company has seen many challenges since its inception in 1962. Over the course of the business, my husband, Richard McCann, and I found success through hard work and the development of multiple patented products. In 2010, after my husband passed away, I decided that I was going to dedicate myself to the business to keep his legacy alive.

For the last 4 years, we at McCann Industries have been diligently working in this effort; however, I have found that it is time for me to move out of the business. As the goal continues to keep Richard’s legacy and patents alive, I have found and am partnering with a company in Tucson, Arizona called Abrams Airborne Manufacturing, Inc. DBA VLTOR Weapon Systems. This company will be taking over all marketing and manufacturing of the McCann products the summer of 2014.

Although I am saddened to be releasing the McCann products, I am confident that this company will maintain the integrity of the McCann company and its products. Similar to McCann Industries, Abrams Airborne is a family-owned and operated and has been in business for 50 years. The company also has a solid reputation in the military, commercial, small arms, medical and aerospace industries, and I am confident in their ability to continue the McCann product line and keep Richard’s legacy alive.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John at Abrams,

Thank you so much for your many years of business.


Debra McCann

The McCann Way

We manufacture products for the world’s finest warriors, law enforcement officers, competitive marksmen, and for serious hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. We do not make inexpensive products to “dress up” firearms. These are products that work because they absolutely must work and our customers often stake their very survival on that promise.


The Beginning: McCann’s Gun Shop opened in 1962 under the ownership of Joseph McCann; an avid shooter, outdoor sportsman, and skilled gunsmith. The shop was located at the current location of McCann Industries, in Spanaway, Washington. At that time Spanaway

Product Line

Every McCann product is 100% Made in the USA every material used, every screw, every fitting, everything that goes into McCann products. This allows us unprecedented quality control over every aspect of every product. We can actually go to our

Moms Mount

Click to buy We are proud to introduce our MOMS Mount and want to thank Leupold and Optical Systems Technology for all their help in perfecting this design! The MOMS has turned out to be our hottest selling scope mount